Ed Northwood and Associates offers both the understanding and experience necessary to assist Executors and Trustees in fulfilling their responsibilities. The services typically include probating a Will at the Surrogate’s Court (the New York probate court); identifying and gaining control of assets; preparing both resident and non-resident federal and New York estate tax returns; assisting and counseling in preparation of resident and non-resident fiduciary income tax returns; and counseling and assisting with the distribution of assets in accordance with the Will. Ed Northwood and Associates also handles all legal work and filings required for trust accountings when trusts are terminated and either the assets distributed or partial distributions are made, or when changes to a trust’s administration are required. Ed Northwood and Associates is also experienced in assisting with the administration process if the decedent died intestate (without a Will), or if the decedent funded a Living Trust, where probate is not required.

During the entire estate administration process, Sally and Ed are sensitive to the individual needs of the fiduciaries and beneficiaries. Regardless of the degree of their involvement, Sally and Ed focus on post-mortem decision-making which can result in substantial estate and income tax savings for the beneficiaries.