The situations described under Private Client International Tax Planning & Counsel frequently involve the identification of various U.S. tax and information returns that arise out of a client’s circumstances. Ed will identify and explain all such compliance requirements. Ed has represented over 100 families and individuals in retroactive and other remedial U.S. tax compliance matters.

In most cases Ed will work with, or refer compliance matters to, U.S. certified public accountants, and in certain other cases he will either assist the accountants in the completion of the proper forms or actually prepare the forms himself. The international tax compliance forms for which Ed and Sally assume preparation responsibility include the following: U.S Gift Tax Returns (Form 709); Federal and State Non-Resident Estate Tax Returns (Form 706-NA), including making proper Tax Treaty Elections; Foreign Financial Account Disclosure (Forms 8938 and FinCEN Form 114 – Foreign Bank Account Report (previously Form TD F 90-22.1)); Expatriation Returns (Form 8854); and Forms required for a U.S. grantor or beneficiary of a non-U.S. trust or estate (Forms 3520 and 3520-A).