For over 15 years, Ed has developed an extensive private client international tax practice, with a particular focus on Canada/U.S. cross-border matters. Most of his articles and presentations pertain to this specialty practice area. Each such engagement, of course, involves a U.S. connection. Among the most typical are: U.S. citizens living abroad; non-U.S. individuals intending to immigrate to the U.S.; non-U.S. persons who have one or more U.S. citizen or resident children or grandchildren; non-U.S. persons who own, or intend to acquire, U.S. assets such as residential real property, commercial real property, or stocks in U.S. companies; U.S. persons who intend to move to Canada; U.S. persons who intend to renounce their U.S. citizenship or surrender their U.S. “green cards” (permanent resident visas); and non-U.S. estates and trusts of which one or more U.S. persons is a beneficiary.

In addition to performing estate planning services Ed provides advice and counsel in connection with U.S. tax affects arising under the particular situation and recommendations for taking actions (including those involved in administering a foreign estate or trust) that will minimize an adverse impact under U.S. tax laws.